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Body Barre 

Body Barre is a total body workout! You use light weights and other props for your upper body and you will come to the barre for balance support while working your lower body. We finish class with a series of floor exercises to further engage your muscles. In this class, we love our static holds, pulses, and low-impact cardio bursts. 

Body Strength 

In our Body Strength class, we use heavier weights and bands to build strength throughout our entire body. Need to lift a heavy box off the floor? Learn the correct techniques of strength training so that you can lift the box without getting hurt. 

Body Mobility

Our Body Mobility class uses dynamic stretching, static holds, and assisted manual stretching. This class will increase your mobility, promote muscle recovery, and create relaxation throughout the body. 

Whatever shape you’re in, we will accommodate for that. We have one common goal: a stronger body and a healthier sense of being.

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Class Schedule

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A series of dynamic movements to engage the entire body


Upper Body


Using resistance bands or light weights 


Lower Body


On the barre focusing on inner & outer thighs plus glutes




Floor exercises to engage your core




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