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Our Story, Our Studio

In 2019, I moved to Utrecht and soon realized that a Barre class was the one thing missing from my fitness routine. My long-time commitment to health, wellness, and physical activity, as well as the lack of a studio exclusively dedicated to Barre workouts, sparked my vision to create a new and modern space where I could bring great Barre workouts to everyone. I am proud to say that Body Barre is the first dedicated studio for Barre workouts in Utrecht. 


As an experienced group fitness instructor, I have built a diverse and welcoming community of exercise enthusiasts, who are both Dutch and expats. The international community at Body Barre makes it suitable for our Barre classes to be taught in English. My goal is to provide great Barre workouts and improve your physical and emotional well-being. 


Look forward to seeing you in class!

Liana Kahn, Owner of Body Barre studio.

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About me

I fell in love with Barre in 2014, when I took my first class in the U.S. I am passionate about exercise and love sharing my joy for physical activity with others. For this reason, I became a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine and a certified Barre and Pre/Postnatal Barre instructor through American Barre Technique.

I am committed to inspiring and motivating people to take control of their health and well-being in a fun, engaging way. In addition to teaching Barre classes, I also offer individualized personal training sessions.

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