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Bringing fitness and fun together!

Body Barre

At Body Barre we offer three different class formats: 


Our signature Body Barre class is a unique form of fitness that will improve your strength, cardio, and flexibility. We use a method of low-impact pulses, static holds, and cardio bursts.  

Our Body Strength class is designed to build strength throughout your entire body. We use heavier weights and focus on techniques of strength training. 

Our Body Mobility class uses dynamic stretching, static holds, and assisted manual stretching. This class will increase your mobility, promote muscle recovery, and create relaxation throughout the body. 

New to Body Barre?

We welcome everyone! Our enjoyment is watching new members transform themselves - body and mind - in a matter of weeks. You do not have to have a background in dance, strength training, or yoga to benefit from our classes.


So whether you are new to barre, in a fitness rut, or dealing with an injury, show up with a positive attitude and leave feeling like the best version of yourself. 


Read more about barre and our mission.

I love how I get so much energy after a Body Barre class. Being pregnant, it was quite daunting to start working out again. It was really easy to follow all the movements and the pace of the workout was just what I was looking for. Liana is an amazing trainer and gives great guidance on my posture, especially whilst taking into account my growing belly. Paired with really great music, I would highly recommend Body Barre to all the pregnant ladies looking to stay active and fit.



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